Industrial Health and Hygiene Course

Industrial Health and Hygiene Course

The GIHS program in Industrial Health and Hygiene certification covers a wide range of topics to enable participants to confidently manage emergency situations, providing care for the ill or injured until medical aid arrives. It is suitable to both people in workplaces and members of the public who want training in Industrial Health. It will provide with the skills to manage emergency first aid situations, including managing the unconscious casualty, performing CPR, controlling bleeding and managing other life threatening situations. It provides the skills to recognize and then manage a casualty who is unconscious and is not breathing. CPR is a lifesaving technique which can sustain life until an ambulance arrives. Industrial Health ill also cover the regulatory audits.

Course Objectives:

The GIHS certificate program objectives of the health and hygiene online course are to update the candidate’s Industrial Health skills and knowledge, and to enable people to carry out appropriate first aid in an emergency situation. This industrial hygiene course will also helpful for all kind of Industries leading to Medical Department. Each course is specifically designed depending on the candidate’s workplace and occupational requirements. Industrial Health & Hygiene that science and art devoted to the four basic principles, those are anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of those environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace, which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort among workers or among the citizens of the community.

Eligibility: All Graduates and Masters, MBBS & BHMS and all professionals working with Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations.
Mode or Methodology: Online & Distance Learning
Examination: Online & Distance Exams (MCQ / Theoretical) / Projects
Placement Assurance: Successful candidates would get the placement support. CVs of successful candidates would be forwarded to various Organizations.
Certification: GIHS Certificate would be awarded to only successful candidates.


Career Options

    • Regional Director

      Establishes safety standards and policies as needed. Advise and instruct on various safety-related topics (noise levels, use of machinery etc.). Stop any unsafe acts or processes that seem dangerous or unhealthy.

    • Chief Medical officer

      Overall in charge of the general administration and discipline of the Medical Department to oversee the safety and Hygiene maintenance.

    • Factory Medical Officer

      Assist to doctors to arrange First-aid training. Medical test for new worker’s. Regular check-up of employees working in Hazardous areas. To ensure good standard of medical care – preventive and curative.

    • Medical Audits QA

      Manage the audits related to logistics, system, time, etc. Oversees the standards are maintained. Audit the hygiene is maintained as per industry standards.

    • Industry Emergency Assistant

      At the time of emergency immediately be at the spot for assessment of situation. Ensure control / isolation of Hazard source. Assess and keep contact with Business Head. Monitor progress of Emergency action. To ensure that of non-essential staff should not enter the hazard place in industry.

    • Industry Emergency AssistantIndustrial Hygienist

      Maintain public/employee’s safety. Examine the sample air if there are harmful substances present, measure noise levels in factories and provide practical advice on how workers can be protected from job-related health and safety risks.

Gihsonline Advantage

GIHS provides the best courses helps you to get the start up in the healthcare field. These courses are ad-hoc to your professional career and provide you the additional benefit to be the part of an organization.

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Fees, Payment & Program Duration

Certificate 3 Months- 22000/- INR & Fees for International Candidates – 450$ USD

PG DIploma One Year – 32000/- INR & Fees for International Candidates – 699$ USD

FT PG Diploma 4 Months – 36000/- INR & Fees for International Candidates – 750$ USD

Cheque / Demand Draft/Cash in the name of “Global Institute of Health Science”

Online Transfer through NEFT or RTGS

Fee can also be deposited in GIHS bank account (For more details Click Here).

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Disclaimer: This course details are for the purpose of awareness about the program and career opportunities.

The exact information on course structure may vary from this information.

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