Syllabus – Clinical Data Management and SAS

Clinical Data Management
  • Section – 1Introduction of Clinical Data Management
    Data And Databases
    Data Entry
    Transcribing Data
  • Section – 2CRF Data Tracking
    Cleaning Data
    Discrepancies Managements
    Data Management Plan
  • Section – 3CRF  Review And source Documents
    Electronic Data Capture
    Design Consideration
    Study Setup
  • Section – 4Managing Laboratory Data
    Collection of Adverse Events Data
    Medical Coding
    Creating Reports
  • Section – 5Data Acquisition And Database Closure
    Data Transfers
    Audit trial
    QA in CDM
  • Section – 1SAS Introduction
    SAS syntax
    SAS Dataset
  • Section – 2Reading SAS Dataset
    Reading Excel Worksheet
    Reading delimited Raw Data File
  • Section – 3Manipulating Data
    Combining SAS Data Set
    Do Loop & Array Processing
    SAS Function