Ksharsutra : Ayurveda

Ksharsutra : Ayurveda

Health Informatics
  • Clinical PartIntroduction to Shalya Tantra – definition and importance of Shalya Tantra, qualities of surgeon.
    Trividha karma- Poorva karma, Pradhan karma and Pashchat karma (preoperative,
    operative and post operative) procedures related to application of Kshara and Kshara
    Sutra in ano-rectal disorder
    Surgical ethic
    Basic surgical concepts and practice of surger
    Anatomy and physiology of ano-rectal region.

  • Ayurvedic ViewAnatomical concepts of Guda in Ayurveda, development, various measurements, Guda vali, Uttaraguda and Adharaguda, Guda as a Marma. Function of Uttarguda and Adharaguda. Importance of Guda valis and their functions in act of defaecation. Concept of Apana Vayu and its function. Importance of Apana Vayu in act of defaecation, micturation and its involvement in the development of various ano- rectal disorders. eatures of vitiated Apana vayu and measures of pacification.

  • Modern ViewAnatomical structures in ano-rectal region, anatomy of anal canal, rectum, perianal area, perianal skin, fascia, muscles, anal sphincters, supports of rectum and anal canal, various structures / spaces around anal and perianal area and their significance in ano-rectal disorders. Anal gland, anal crypts, anal mucosa, anal valves, land marks of anal canal and rectum. Venous and arterial supply, venous plexus, speciality of vascular supply of rectum and anal canal. Lymphatics and innervations of rectum and anal canal. Pudendal canal (Alcocks canal) its contents and importance. Peritoneal reflections, facial covering of rectum, pelvic diaphragm, male and female perineum. Histological structures of rectum and anal canal. Functions of anal canal, rectum, perianal muscles, anal sphincter, act of defaecation, storage of waste product, structures in relation to anorectal area and their functional impact on anorectal area in relation to anorectal disorders. Continence and incontinence, assessment of anal sphincter tone.

  • Non Clinical partDetailed description of Kshara –
    Definition, types- Pratisaraneeya Kshara and Paneeya Kshara , properties, pharmacological actions of drugs, chemical constituents, method of preparation, its standardization, sterilization and storage.
    Indications, contraindications and complications of Kshara karma.

  • Ksharsutra preparation –Historical aspects, various drugs used for its preparation including their identification, collection, properties, pharmacological actions of drugs, chemical constituents, method of preparation, its standardization, sterilization and storage.
    -Indications and contraindications and complications of Kshara Sutra in Ano-rectal diseases.

  • Various other Kshara preparations like – Kshar varti and Kshar pichu.– Pharmacodynamics of Kshara –
    Chemical analysis, pH value, probable mode of action like penetration, necrotic and dissolution actions of Kshara.
    Description of Paneeya Kshara and its indications.
    Detailed study of pharmacology of the following drugs used in the management of ano-rectal disorders.
    (a) Antibiotics (b) Laxatives (c) Analgesics and NSAID’s (d) Haemostatics
    (e) Anaesthetic agents
    Ayurvedic drugs used in ano-rectal disorders
    National Guidelines and Managerial Part
    Worldwide approach of KSHARSUTRA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ksharsutra is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment that involves the use of a medicated thread known as “Ksharsutra” for the management of certain conditions like anal fistula and pilonidal sinus. This treatment is considered a minimally invasive and effective approach for certain surgical conditions.

Kshara Karma, which includes treatments like Ksharsutra, is important in Ayurveda for managing various chronic conditions particularly those related to the anorectal region. It is believed to help in the removal of unhealthy tissues, promote wound healing, and prevent the recurrence of certain conditions like anal fistula. 

Kshara Karma, when performed by qualified and experienced Ayurvedic practitioners is generally considered safe. However, like any medical procedure, there can be risks and complications if not done properly. 

Graded Ksharsutra refers to a Ksharsutra thread that is coated with different layers of herbal alkaline substances. The term “graded” implies a gradual and controlled release of medical agents from the thread.


The choice of medicine depends on individual factors, and it is essential to consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized advice. Some commonly used herbs include Triphala, Haridra (turmeric), and Guggulu. For certain fistula conditions, Ksharsutra treatment may also be used.


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