Syllabus – Medical Radiology Technology Management

Medical Radiology Technology Management
  • Section:1Introduction to Medical Radiology Management
    Principles of Management, Radiology Industry & Radiology Administration.
    Radiology as an Organization
    Role & Function of Radiology Administrator
    Radiology Planning
    Management of Clinical and Supportive Services (All structure & Technology in the Hospital – Total 24 sub topics)
    HR – Radiology as a formal organization (9 sub topics)
    Health Economics & Insurance (4 sub topics)
    Materials & Maintenance Management (8 sub topics)
    Genetic Banking Management (stem cells etc)
     Infection Control Management
    Quality Management – NABL, NABH & JCI
  • Section:2Marketing Management / Medical Tourism (9 sub topics)
    Legal Framework in hospitals as an organization (8 sub topics)
    Management of Information (5 sub topics)
    Financial Management
    Management of Quality (5 sub topics)