Syllabus – Pregnancy Education

Pregnancy Education
  • Pregnancy EducationPhilosophy, goals, Concepts, theories, principles and standards of care
    Anatomy and physiology
    Sexuality / Menstrual cycle
    Responsible parenthood / Theories and principles of growth and development
  • Pregnancy-AntepartumStages of fetal development
    Signs and symptoms of pregnancy
    Nursing care
    Birth setting and alternative methods of delivery
    Physiological and psychological changes of pregnancy
    Needs of pregnant women
    Danger signs and symptoms
    Complications of pregnancy
  • Pregnancy-IntrapartumTheories of labor
    Components of labor: 3 P-s
    Nursing care during labor
    Analgesia and anesthesia of labor and delivery
    Complications of labor and delivery
  • Postpartum and NewbornPlacental stage
    Nursing care of the mother
    Nursing care of the newborn
    Breast feeding/rooming-in
    Complications of postpartum
  • Puerperium and InfancyInvolution
    Care of the mother
    Physical, motor, cognitive, psycho-social and language development Well-baby care
    Nutrition, immunization, play activities
    Common problems/disorders of infancy
  • ToddlerPhysical, motor, cognitive, psycho-social, language and moral development
    Toilet training
    Well-baby care
    Nutrition, immunization, play activities
    Common problems/disorders of toddlers
  • Pre-Schooler/SchoolerPhysical, cognitive, psycho-social and moral development
    Sibling rivalry
    Play activities
    Sex education
    Common problems/disorders of preschooler/schooler
  • Pre-adolescent/AdolescentPhysical, psycho-social and moral development
    Sex characteristics
    Needs and tasks
    Common problems/disorders of pre-adolescent/adolescent
  • Problems/Disorders in ChildrenPrematurity
    Congenital malformations
    Nephrotic Syndrome
    Metabolic disturbances
    Infectious diseases
  • Problem/Disorders in Mothers including gynecologic disordersHigh risk maternal conditions
    Pregnancy related conditions
    Metabolic, cardiac, hematologic aberrations in pregnancy
    Cellular aberrations of the reproductive organs
    Degenerative disorders of women